Welcome letter to fellow TPod members
Hello, I'm a TPod member who created TravelArk to help other members seamlessly transition to other solutions, including a new site that has the same functionality of the old.
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The purpose of this site:

  • Store all registered TravelPod content here indefinitely.
  • Creating TravelArk 2.0, a site with the same mechanics as TPod but entirely from scratch.
  • Exporting your content to third party travel blogging sites like Traveller's Point, or TravelBlog.org

You maintain all rights to your content on this site. This is a not-for-profit free utility.

One more thing, please contribute to the KickStarter linked below to help defray the costs of creating and running this site. So far I've covered the expenses out of pocket.

-Ryan admin@travelark.org Facebook Page Discussion Forums

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